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The Simple Composition of a Waterfall

I see a sterling silver necklace haphazardly resting on a dresser, waiting patiently for it’s proper hanging for the evening.  That’s what this waterfall looks like to me. The cascading flow of those perfect oxygen bubbles and swirling hydrogen are mesmerizing and I find it hard to look away.  I decide I want to drape it ever so delicately around my neck or wrist and take it with me, as I do all my beloved jewels.

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Crosses and Clarity

 I am so tired of praying for clarity.  And frankly, I don’t even know if I can articulate exactly what I mean when I go to the Divine praying for clarity.  So, right then and there in my journal, I decided to give that daily mantra a break. No more pleas and creative words thrown at this life being clear.  No more…”God, show me a clear path here” or “Please give me clarity around this situation” or my favorite “Dear God, please give me clarity and peace of mind.”  Because having them both would be utopia. Or would it? And it was in that moment, I realized I already had all the clarity I needed.

Just create.  

And one particular creative exercise I enjoy is making clay crosses.


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Welcome to my website! This is a real dream come true for me to have a “real” site of my own. I have high hopes this online location gives you quick snap shots of various fun and/or technical processes I use and visual art work I create.

From paper to pens to clay to paint to wood to metal…let’s go!

From my creative life to yours~


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